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In Illinois, penalties for DUI convictions become increasingly severe with each subsequent offense. If you have one of more DUI convictions on your record within the past 20 years, it is essential to hire an experienced DUI defense attorney to help protect you from the harsh consequences you could be facing. At Ramsell & Kunowski, L.L.C., we are highly experienced in representing clients accused of multiple DUIs. We work closely with our clients to devise effective defense strategies and ensure you are fully informed throughout the legal process. Our goal is always to protect and preserve both your freedom and your driving privileges.

Penalties for Multiple DUIs in DuPage County

Penalties for DUIs in Illinois are severe, but they become substantially more severe with each subsequent offense. A first offense DUI typically results in a Class A misdemeanor charge. With experienced counsel, court supervision is possible for a first DUI offense. Court supervision is not available for second and subsequent DUI convictions, however. The penalties for a second offense DUI, which is also a Class A misdemeanor, include up to 1 year in jail, mandatory five days in jail or 240 hours of community, driver’s license revocation of at least 5 years and suspension of vehicle registration.

If you have two convictions for DUI within the last 20 years, a third offense will be charged as a Class 2 felony. A conviction on a third DUI can result in a 3-7 year prison sentence and a license revocation of at least 10 years. A fourth conviction can cost you your driving privileges for life with no relief for hardship available. Penalties for multiple DUIs increase significantly if there is a minor under the age of 16 in the car at the time of the arrest, if you are driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license, or if you are involved in an accident resulting in injury or death. With so much at stake, you need the DUI defense attorneys at Ramsell & Kunowski, L.L.C., to protect your freedom, your license and your record.

If you have been charged with a second or subsequent DUI offense, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation. From our office in Wheaton, Illinois, we work with clients throughout DuPage County including Wheaton, Carol Stream, Naperville, Glen Ellyn and the surrounding areas.

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