Asset Forfeiture Laws

Experienced DuPage County Asset Forfeiture Attorneys

In Illinois, the police can seize property that is believed to have been used in committing a crime or to have been derived from a criminal act. Even if you are never charged or convicted of the underlying crime, you could lose your property permanently. At Ramsell & Kunowski, L.L.C., our attorneys are knowledgeable about Illinois asset forfeiture laws. We protect our clients’ rights and defend against asset forfeiture.

Seizing Profits and Proceeds of Criminal Activity

Criminal involvement can have costly consequences even beyond jail time, fines, and a criminal record. The loss of property believed to be linked to a criminal act can be a pricey penalty. Most asset forfeiture cases involve drug charges, but property can be seized in sexual offense cases, gambling cases, and white collar crimes as well. Seized assets can include money, vehicles, jewelry, real estate, and other property.

Asset forfeiture goes through civil court. Consequently, the police do not have to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; they only need to prove their case by a preponderance of evidence (a 51 percent standard of proof). There are ways to effectively defend against asset forfeiture, and we employ all available means to help you keep your property. As experienced criminal attorneys, we will also vigorously defend you against any criminal charges you face and help protect your rights and freedom.

Ramsell & Kunowski, L.L.C. has been providing legal counsel and representation to clients throughout DuPage County for over 25 years. If you are dealing with an asset forfeiture case and/or related criminal charges, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation. We will answer your questions and provide an assessment of what you can expect from the legal process.

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