College Student Drug Crimes

Experienced DuPage County College Student Drug Crimes Attorneys

Drug experimentation is a common part of the college lifestyle. While focused on having a good time, many college students get confronted with the harsh reality of the criminal consequences for drug charges. Whether it involves marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin or any other type of illicit or prescription drug, a conviction on a drug charge can have a dramatic impact on a student’s immediate and long-term future. At Ramsell & Kunowski, L.L.C., we represent college students charged with drug crimes. We understand the importance of protecting a young person’s freedom and future and strive to minimize the consequences our clients face.

Consequences for Drug Arrests in College

Everyone who is charged with a drug crime faces stiff consequences in the State of Illinois, but these consequences can be even more shocking for college students, many of whom have never faced criminal charges.  Depending on the type of drug involved and the nature of the charges, you could face fines, probation, jail time, or even time in prison. As a student, you may also face additional consequences including loss of federal grants and financial aid for education expenses and penalties imposed by your college or university such as suspension or expulsion.

A conviction on your record can also have long-reaching consequences that can negatively affect your ability to get a job, secure a professional license, and even obtain housing. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is the first and most important step you can take to safeguard your future when facing drug charges. Our attorneys will fight aggressively to prevent the harshest consequences of a drug arrest and seek the best possible resolution to your case. Where appropriate we pursue alternative sentencing programs such as first offender probation and drug court.

If you or your son or daughter is arrested for a drug crime while in college, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss the case. We represent students throughout DuPage County and the Chicagoland area.

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