What Is the Legal Limit for Illinois DUI Cannabis THC in Urine?

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Wheaton cannabis dui defense lawyerWhile cannabis, for small amounts, has been decriminalized in the state of Illinois, you still can be found guilty of a DUI if you have a certain amount in your urine or blood. This is regardless of your level of impairment.

First, it is important to note that only a few years ago, if you were caught with ANY amount of cannabis in your urine or other bodily fluids – no matter how long ago you may have smoked (or ingested)—you would be guilty of a DUI.

Then on July 29, 2016, Illinois changed. Cannabis became decriminalized. And because a small amount of cannabis is no longer a criminal offense, the DUI statute needed to be updated to reflect the current law.

Now you can have some – although not much – in your urine or bodily fluids. According to the statute, you can now have 10 nanograms or more of THC in urine or other bodily substances. Cannabis is typically tested and found in your urine. It is also tested, albeit rarely, in other bodily substances such as saliva and sweat. The reason for this is lab analysts are able to better detect cannabis in urine much easier than in blood.

But even if you make the mistake of voluntarily giving the police your urine or saliva, there is still hope. This can be challenged. A good DUI defense attorney will know how to challenge your arrest and your consent. Many times people are under duress and may not have legally consented. Speak to a competent DUI attorney at Ramsell & Kunowski, L.L.C. about how to challenge the alleged cannabis found in your urine before it is too late.

And even if there is a valid consent, you can request an independent test if the defendant believes the results to be inaccurate. A trained DUI lawyer will know how challenge the results.

Contact Illinois DUI attorneys at Ramsell & Kunowski, L.L.C. now at 630-665-8780. It is critical to start immediately if you are going to challenge the results of cannabis in your urine or other bodily fluids.

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