What Are Illinois DUI Sobriety Tests?

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Wheaton DUI sobriety test attorneyIn Illinois, the police commonly give a person suspected of DUI a set of "tests" to measure their impairment. These occur at roadside--also known as the "field"--hence the term "field sobriety tests."

What Are the Most Common Field Sobriety Tests in Illinois?

The most common Illinois DUI tests in the field are the one-leg stand, the walk and turn test, and the horizontal nystagmus test. Each of those tests is described more fully in other blog entries. These three tests were developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the late 1970s and were implemented nationwide in the 1980s. These tests have strict guidelines for administration and interpretation, and a great Illinois DUI lawyer should also be trained in them so he or she can effectively cross-examine the officer and defend the driver. Donald Ramsell is a certified instructor in NHTSA sobriety tests. The other attorneys at Ramsell & Associates also have training in this field.

Illinois DUI law does not limit the types of tests that an officer can give to a person. Some police still use old tests, such as the finger-to-nose test, counting backwards, or saying the alphabet. These tests have never been scientifically proven to be accurate.

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