Anonymous Reports of Drunk Driving - How to Beat an Illinois DUI

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Wheaton DUI lawyer anonymous tipIt is now a reasonable assumption that nearly every member of the motoring public has in his car some type of cellular communication device. Thus, someone with either good or ill intentions can contact 911 or law enforcement from their vehicle, in real time, to report an alleged drunk driver or to simply make trouble for someone with whom they have an ax to grind. 

You may be even more surprised to learn certain policy and advocacy groups pay cash “bounties” to anyone who reports a suspected drunk driver. This includes groups like Drunk Busters, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists, and others. Some programs exist all year long, while some are only operational around major holidays like Christmas, Fourth of July etc. 

An anonymous tip to 911 about a suspected drunken driver is sometimes, but not always, enough on its face to warrant law enforcement stopping the vehicle that is the subject of the tip. Typically, the tip must be so detailed as to support an actual sighting of erratic driving, accident, near accident etc. by the tipper, or the tip must be corroborated by another source or the anonymous source for some reason is known or believed to be reliable.

This is truly a dangerously fact-intense area of the law and is the topic of many controlling and persuasive legal case decisions. The point is, do not automatically accept that because someone made an anonymous tip about you, the police had reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle. THE SMART THING TO DO IS CALL A DUPAGE COUNTY DUI DEFENSE ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY, AS YOU NEED NOT JUST AN ATTORNEY TO GUIDE YOU, BUT THE TOP LAW FIRM IN DUI DEFENSE, RAMSELL & ASSOCIATES, LLC. You will be glad if you do and sorry if you don’t!

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