Illinois Search and Seizure Laws

Experienced Illinois Search and Seizure Laws Attorneys

In the United States, individuals have constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution places limits on the ability of the police to search people and property. Additionally, Illinois has its own statutes and rules of procedure related to search and seizure. At Ramsell & Associates, LLC, we are knowledgeable on all search and seizure laws and how to these laws can be broken by law enforcement. We are experienced in raising constitutional issues in defending our clients, particularly against criminal drug charges.

Search and Seizure and Criminal Defense

Obtaining evidence to uses against suspected criminals is one of the primary focuses of law enforcement. In the pursuit of evidence, it is not uncommon for search and seizure laws and rules of procedure to be sidestepped. Doing so, however, violates the rights of the accused. As seasoned criminal defense attorneys, we seen all types of illegal searches and evidence seizures, and we are skilled in using these violations to benefit our clients.

Among the first things we investigate when we get a new case are the circumstances of the arrest. Did law enforcement have probable cause to search our client or our client’s property? If the answer to that question is, “No,” we know how to effectively argue before a judge that the evidence acquired should be excluded from the case. We have achieved numerous case dismissals based on evidence suppression on these grounds.

If you have been arrested on a drug crime or any other criminal charge, the search used to gather evidence against you may not have been legal. We will meet with you to discuss the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence against you and identify if you have been unfairly treated in this regard by law enforcement. Our attorneys begin immediately crafting an effective defense on behalf of our clients. Contact us right away to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients throughout DuPage County and Chicagoland.

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