DuPage County DUI/Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Ramsell & Associates, LLC, we have been serving the criminal defense needs of DuPage County and the surrounding areas since 1986. Our experienced attorneys are committed to protecting the rights and records of our clients. With a long history of achieving favorable case results, we have a reputation for excellence within the legal community and the community at large.

Our firm provides aggressive representation for a wide range of criminal matters including:

  • Drug Charges - Aggressively defending clients charged with possession, possession with intent to deliver, trafficking, conspiracy, distribution, and manufacturing.
  • DUI Defense - Offering passionate representation in defense of your rights and driving privileges following a DUI arrest.
  • Juvenile Offenses - Protecting the records and futures of juveniles facing all types of criminal charges. 
  • Property Crimes - Defending clients charged with misdemeanor and felony theft, shoplifting and burglary.
  • Sexual Offenses - Representing clients facing all types of sex crime charges including rape, sexual assault, molestation, sexual misconduct, child pornography, Internet solicitation, and prostitution.
  • Traffic Violations - Defending the rights and driving privileges of those cited and charged with all types of traffic violations.
  • Secretary of State Hearings - Helping clients restore their driving privileges after a suspension or revocation.
  • Violent Crimes - Representing clients who have been accused of violent crimes such as assault, battery, domestic violence, attempted murder, weapons charges, manslaughter, and homicide.
  • White Collar Crimes - Counseling and defending clients investigated for and charged with embezzlement, fraud, insider trading and other white collar crimes.
  • Expungements and Sealing - Assisting clients in clearing their criminal records and restoring their reputations through expungements and Orders of Non-Disclosure.

If you or a family member has been charged with a crime in DuPage County or throughout the Chicagoland area, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation. We will go over your case with you, answer all of your questions and discuss your legal options. 

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